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If you are looking for something really unique and interesting in the world of games, then we have something special for you. This is The Binding of Isaac, the incredible adventure based on the story from the Bible. When the game starts, you witness a pretty idyllic picture. It shows the life of a young boy with his loving mother. Even though they don’t have a father, they are a real family – happy and strong. Isaac enjoys his carefree days, painting and playing as much as he wants. His mom prefers spending most of her free hours sitting at a TV set and watching shows about God, religion, and holy stories. At some moment the idyll will turn into a horror and Isaac will appear in real hell.

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His mom becomes unstable and starts acting strangely. As you find out from the story, she hears the holy voice from heaven in her head. This voice, nevertheless, encourages her to do pretty nasty and evil things that are explained as the right ones. The voice tells her to separate the son from evil. To do this, she needs to take away his things, including toys and clothes, and then – close him the room. The outer world is too dangerous and full of sin, so there is a need to keep a child away from potential trouble. Even though the child becomes unhappy and cannot understand what is happening to his mom. The mom’s madness leads her to the extreme – she hears the voice asking her to prove her faith and the only way to do that is to kill her son with her own hands. She obeys and takes the knife, but Isaac sees that and hides in the basement.
The soul of Isaac is being teared apart by some many pains. Not only he was always rejected by other children, but now the last person in his life, his beloved mother, has abandoned and betrayed him. In the basement, our hero will have to make his way through numerous creepy corridors and rooms, where the monsters and hardships are waiting for him. He will fight, develop, and move further. The tears on his cheeks will never get dry. But is that so? Maybe, there is a chance for him to start a new life? There is. But, as well all know, the way to light goes through the thickest darkness. Join Isaac in his incredible and terrifying journey, help him deal with the monsters and his fears, and finally – get out. You will face numerous frightening and traumatic things, lead him through the dark, experience fear, and share his suffering. But remember – this will end one day, so move forward and do your best to save poor Isaac!

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